Advanced Features and Support

xlwings PRO adds the following features:

  • Dedicated support via email, phone, screenshare
  • Access to video training
  • Additional features like embedded code (see below)
  • Build one-click installers for easy deployment (see below)
  • Includes xlwings Reports

xlwings Reports

xlwings Reports is part of xlwings PRO. It is a template based reporting package that allows you to produce your reports in minutes instead of hours. Connect with Python to any data source and setup pandas to do the data wrangling.

xlwings Reports empowers business users without coding knowledge to maintain and change their report templates on their own, without depending on a Python programmer.


Easy Deployment with Installers

xlwings PRO allows you to automatically build your custom installers in the cloud—no local installation required. Using a custom installer to deploy the Python runtime has the following advantages:

  • Zero Python knowledge required from end users
  • Zero configuration changes required by end users
  • No admin rights required
  • Works for both UDFs and RunPython
  • Works for company external distribution
  • Easy to deploy updates

Our cloud based build process only requires a requirements.txt file before you can download your installer.


Embedded Python Code

xlwings PRO allows you to store the Python code directly in your Excel file. This makes deployment a lot easier and feels like dealing with VBA. You can hide your source code by using hidden or very hidden sheets.