Before installing xlwings PRO, make sure to uninstall existing installations of xlwings CE via pip uninstall xlwings or conda remove xlwings. xlwings PRO provides all functionality of xlwings CE.

Install the xlwings PRO Python package as follows:

pip install xlwings-pro

Install the xlwings PRO Excel add-in as follows (make sure to close Excel first):

xlwings addin install

macOS only: In order to enable the RunPython calls from Excel, run:

xlwings runpython install

License Key

Get your trial license key from here, then activate xlwings PRO by running the following in a command prompt, replacing MY_LICENSE_KEY with your actual license key as instructed in the email:

xlwings license update -k MY_LICENSE_KEY

The license key will be stored in the xlwings.conf file and could therefore also be set there directly. Note that the license check happens purely offline, i.e. xlwings PRO is not phoning home.

Verify installation

Run xlwings --help on a command prompt to make sure it prints xlwings PRO x.x.x. If the PRO part is missing, xlwings PRO didn’t install correctly. In that case, make sure to uninstall both xlwings and xlwings-pro before re-installing xlwings-pro again.


To update to the latest xlwings PRO package, run the following in a command prompt:

pip install --upgrade xlwings-pro

Make sure to keep your version of the Excel add-in in sync with your Python package by running (make sure to close Excel first):

xlwings addin install

On macOS, additionaly run:

xlwings runpython install


xlwings PRO is using the same namespace like xlwings CE, i.e. you will do import xlwings no matter if you use the CE or PRO edition. This allows you to run xlwings CE scripts unchanged with xlwings PRO. To check whether you have CE or PRO installed, run: xlwings.__edition__. The command will return pro if you have installed xlwings PRO correctly.