Get Help

If you got stuck and need help we got you covered! But please do not send personal emails for these reasons:

We do understand that some users prefer a private and faster way to get help because they have production tools running on xlwings. Sometimes it’s also just a very lengthy process to find out whats going on without screenshare. In that case, you can buy a priority ticket:

Priority tickets

You need private help from the developers of xlwings, and you need it now. We work with whatever works best for you: Email, chat, skype, phone, screenshare/remote control via Zoom or TeamViewer etc.

Open a priority ticket

GitHub issues (Bugs and feature requests)

If you find a bug or want to make a feature request please open an issue. A typical bug is if something stops working in a new version (and it’s not listed under breaking changes in the docs). Or if something doesn’t do what it looks like it should be doing, e.g. you do app.activate() but nothing happens. A typical bug that you would open on GitHub looks like this. A typical feature request looks like this.

StackOverflow (“How can I do this with xlwings?”)

For questions that are not bug reports or feature requests, the suggested way to get help is by searching/asking a question on StackOverflow. Tag questions with the xlwings tag. A good sample of a question that you should ask on StackOverflow is this.

On-demand video course

A lot of questions can actually be resolved by either reading through the docs or by going through our more didactically structured on-demand video course.