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Latest release of the xlwings Python package: v0.15.5 (25 March 2019)


Our products solve a wide range of the most limiting Excel issues like:

  • Writing automated unit tests
  • Track changes / version control
  • Monitoring of Excel workbooks
  • Use of machine learning
  • Connect with APIs and databases
  • Reporting
  • Remote control Excel via REST API
  • Call Excel from web apps
  • Adding mathematical precision via Python's scientific stack

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If you want to replace VBA with Python, there is a lot to learn. We provide on-demand video courses for xlwings as well as class room courses tailored to your individual needs. We teach you everything you need to know including:

  • Interaction with Jupyter Notebook
  • Writing efficient xlwings code
  • Introduction to unit tests
  • Writing add-ins in Python
  • Deployment strategies

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Do you need some help? We are happy to be your extra pair of hands. We can help you to solve your issues faster, for example with:

  • Plug-and-play xlwings solutions
  • Excel testing strategies including CI servers
  • Migrating from VBA to Python
  • Upgrading your xlwings code base
  • Integrating Excel with your web stack

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What our users say

xlwings has been invaluable in bringing the power of Python to the Excel front-end many business users are familiar with.

thumb Daniel Guetta, Lecturer
Columbia Business School

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