We started xlwings because during our years in trading and asset management we saw the need to make working with Excel productive and enjoyable again. And to provide a sane technological environment for Excel that users and organizations can rely on. We have seen many projects aiming to replace Excel fail. We believe in embracing Excel, not replacing. That's why we've built xlwings, our open-source Python project: to bridge the Excel world with the thriving Python ecosystem.
Felix Zumstein,Managing Partner

Felix Zumstein

Managing Partner

Felix is the creator of xlwings, an open-core Python package that allows you to automate Excel with Python. xlwings also acts as drop-in replacement for VBA, thereby giving you access to Python's rich & modern ecosystem for data science and machine learning. He's also the author of the O'Reilly book "Python for Excel" (2021) and a LinkedIn Learning instructor.