xlwings: Python for Excel

xlwings allows you to leverage the power of Python from and with Excel:

  • Automate Excel from Python e.g. to produce reports or to interact with Jupyter notebooks.
  • Write macros in Python that you can run from buttons in Excel, e.g. to load in data from a database or an external API.
  • Write UDFs (user defined functions) and leverage the power from e.g. NumPy, Pandas and machine learning libraries.
  • Remote control Excel e.g. on a Eikon or Bloomberg terminal or Windows Server via the REST API.

Everything works on Windows and macOS except for UDFs (Windows only). Note that xlwings requires an installation of Microsoft Excel.


xltrail: Version control for Excel Workbooks

xltrail is a version control system designed and purpose-built for Excel. It tracks changes to shows you who changed what and when, making it easy to work on the same workbooks as your teammates. xltrail is available in the cloud and as on premise installation. The core of xltrail is its best in class change viewer that shows visually what changed in which cells. It also works with VBA code, allowing you to view code changes as you are used to from diffing code on systems like GitHub. xltrail also integrates seamlessly with Git.


Git XL: Git extension

Git XL is a Git extension. It makes commands like git diff work for VBA. It also works together with Atlassian’s highly popular SourceTree application to show you VBA diffs the way you would expect them, see here.


xlwings Reports

xlwings Reports is part of xlwings PRO. It is a template-based reporting package that allows you to produce your reports in minutes instead of hours. Connect with Python to any data source and setup Pandas to do the data wrangling.

xlwings Reports empowers business users without coding knowledge to maintain and change their report templates on their own, without depending on a Python programmer.