1. Download the zip-file
  2. Extract the zip file (Windows: Right-Click > Extract All… > Extract / Mac: Double-click the zip-file)
  3. Open the Spreadsheet in the unzipped folder

Note: Lite examples require a Python installation with xlwings >=v0.9.3. Standalone versions currently only run on Windows.


Example 1: Fibonacci Sequence

This is the simplest possible example demonstrating the calculation of the Fibonacci sequence.

Example 2: Monte Carlo Simulation

This example shows the computational power of Python by performing a Monte Carlo simulation of the price development of a financial asset. Prices are assumed to follow a log-normal distribution.

Example 3: Database - Windows only

This example shows how easy it is to work with databases. It uses Chinook, a popular SQLite sample database.

Example 4: Google Analytics Dashboard

Please follow this blogpost that guides through the example in detail!

Example 5: Matplotlib

Example 6: User Defined Functions (UDFs) - Windows only

Lite Versions

These versions are small in size but require an installation of Python with xlwings. We recommend to install the Anaconda distribution as it already contains all the packages used in the examples, including xlwings, pywin32, numpy, scipy and pandas.

Standalone Versions

These versions run out-of-the-box after unzipping without any dependencies but are bigger in size.